I teach in order to share my life's passions.  I teach in order to help you find your life's passions.  People who have found their passions know the freedom of discipline, respect others, and have opportunities to make contributions to the culture of humanity - perhaps even to the culture of the planet!  If your passions live in my territory, I'll do my best to help you make a set of maps.  If you can't find your passions in my vicinity, they do exist somewhere.  It's your responsibility to find, develop and manifest them.  Go with my love.


The following documents are designed for students of singing, whether in my own studio, receiving short-term coaching, or just visiting this site. I am grateful to the many wonderful teachers who have encouraged me, and from whom this material is developed. Enjoy!

Upon Entering the Studio


In addition to Shinichi Suzuki’s wonderful book on the philosophy of teaching and learning, you will need a set of reference texts to develop a solid foundation.

Download Required and Suggested Readings Titles

Download The Entire Handbook

Learning Styles

Please complete the linked questionnaire and share the outcome with me. These insights may help both of us help you efficiently and enjoyably.

Learning Styles Online Questionnaire

Studio Policies

Here is a document that you’ll want to read, print and keep in your binder of current scores for regular reference.

Download Studio Policies


Practicing well and evolving in your practice habits will be the Number One influence on your development as a singing artist. Here are several documents to support you in your progress.

Download Practicing

Download Year-Long Song Practice

Download Basic Practice Literature

Download Practice Colloquium Presentation

Link to Blogpost on Memorizing


In addition to the reference books I require, here are many practical lists for sourcing scores, additional bibliographic and related singing materials.

Download Score and Translation Search

Download Bibliography

Career Development

Here are some basic materials to support your quest for a career in singing.

Download Audition Techniques

Download Career Development