Intersection: Jazz Meets Classical Song


Classical Music and Jazz Find Common Ground In Ways That Will Delight Fans of Both Genres

Celebrated recording artist Patrice Michaels presents a stunning concert of familiar and newly-composed blues, ragtime, ballads and art songs by Tibor Harsanyi, Laurie Altman, Chuck Israels, John Musto, Randy Bauer and others. Listeners are treated to a glorious musical conversation in a unique genre linking jazz and classical music, with supporting artists Zach Brock, violin, Nick Photinos, cello and Kuang-Hao Huang, piano.

This stunning concert of familiar tunes and original compositions explores the relationships between classical and jazz forms, harmonies and rhythms.

Patrice writes, "Jazz was my first musical passion, and has remained hugely influential and inspiring for me – a sort of 'silent partner' behind my work as a classical singer. For quite some time I've been collecting pieces that bridge the two genres in a way that feels genuine to me. Working with other musicians who share this cross-pollination, and sharing our results with an audience is an absolutely thrilling opportunity for me. "

Among the unique offerings are a ragtime-style vocalise (song without words) from 1920s Paris by Tibor Harsànyi. Contemporary expat composer Laurie Altman is represented by three radically inventive "re-imaginings" of 18th century Italian songs: "O del mio dolce ardor," "Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile," and "Per la gloria d'adorarvi", and by a set of "Gig Songs" for Patrice with violin, cello and piano. Lee Hoiby, Leslie Adams and John Musto, all masters of the post-romantic American song, are represented in contrasting blues pieces. Chuck Israels, composer/arranger and long-time bassist for Bill Evans, provides gorgeous piano and voice settings of American folk songs "He's Gone Away," "Frankie and Johnnie" and "Balm in Gilead". A new work specially written for the ensemble by Randy Bauer is another of the many delights on the program.

INTERSECTION: Jazz Meets Classical Song engages audiences in a musical experience through the pairing of Patrice's chosen medium of artistic expression, the trained voice, with her first musical love, jazz. Listeners can expect everything from art song to standards, ballads to bel canto. Patrice says, "I'm so excited about how this project has come together. Some of my favorite classical song composers are represented, alongside monster jazz composer/arrangers. This program allows me to share my musical mind and heart more deeply than any before. It nourishes the diversity of both jazz and classical music, and I hope it will be an unforgettable experience for the listener."

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