Glimmerglass 2016Writing and Singing - Singing and Writing: August at Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, New York found Patrice performing three of her songs from The Long View, A Portrait Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg In Song.  Pianist/coach Sahar Nouri shared the stage with Patrice, Glimmerglass Young Artists and Notorious RBG herself, who gave her 4th annual presentation on Opera And The Law for a sold-out house.  Filming for an upcoming CNN documentary included interviews and informal chat with members of the ensemble and RBG, and a really good time was had by all! (Photo by Carli Kadel)

Patrice is a featured composer on Cedille Record's new SPOTIFY Playlist Of The Month!  This month's theme is Chicago Composers, so Patrice will be heard singing "Anita's Story," her own composition on INTERSECTION: Jazz Meets Classical Song.  The playlist includes a wide variety of new and newer music by a wonderful variety of Chicago composers.  Check it out here

Critical Acclaim

"Not only is Michaels a fine soprano with a bell-like sonority...but she's got sophisticated taste in music. Hers is the best rendition of Britten's "Les Illuminations" since Heather Harper 40 years ago. And Michaels' impeccable French is better.... Witty, adult and smart." (San Francisco Examiner)


* denotes written for a/o commissioned by Patrice Michaels


Live Premieres

Randy Bauer 
*Work TBA  (Intersections Ensemble), 98.7 WFMT Live Broadcast,  June 10, 2013

Laurie Altman 
*Gig Songs  (violin, cello, piano & Patrice), 98.7 WFMT Live Broadcast, June 10, 2013
* The River Merchant’s Wife (wind orchestra, women’s choir & Patrice), Lawrence University, May 2011

Robert Levy 
*For Those Who Will Dance In The Sun (flute, violin, cello, percussion & Patrice), Lawrence University, May 2012

 Alex Stephenson 
In The Silent Dark (soprano, clarinet, piano), University of Chicago, February 2012 

Asha Srinivasan 
Parole Hearing (soprano & chamber ensemble), Lawrence University, February 2010

David Del Tredici 
Final Alice (chamber ensemble arranged by Alexander Platt), Maverick Festival, August 2009

John Halvor Benson 
Songs of Emily Dickinson (soprano & chamber ensemble), Lawrence University, May 2008

Joanne Metcalf  
La Serenissima (opera: soloists, male chorus & orchestra), Lawrence University, April 2005

John Harmon  
*River Deep, A Lullabye, Light Feet (piano & Patrice), Lawrence University, March 2002

WA Mozart 
Ahi, cosa veggio (accompanied recitative rediscovered by Dorothea Link), Northwestern University, January 2002


Recording Premiers

Edward Joseph Collins 

Love Is A Thing Divine; Clover Leaf Song

ON COURSE , Albany Troy 1041
Laurie Altman 
Calle de la Amargura; States of Waiting 

AMERICAN SONGS , Cedille 091
Lee Hoiby 
The Message

Laurie Altman 
O del mio dolce ardor: A ReImagining

Richard Pearson Thomas 
Amarilli, mia bella

Robert Carl 
Beginning My Studies

John Musto 
Dove Sta Amore (Maybe; Sea Chest; The Hangman at Home; How Many Little Children Sleep; Dove sta amore)

Eric Ewazen 
Three Lyrics of Edna St. Vincent Milay (God’s World; Wraith; Afternoon on a Hill)

Dan Tucker 
Mots d’heures Gousses, rames (Un petit d’un petit; Chacun Gille; Lit-elle messe moffette; Eau la quille na colle)

Robert Bowker 

Edward Joseph Collins 
Again The Year Has Come To The Spring;
June Night

Edward Joseph Collins 
15 Collected Songs 

Vincenzo Righini 
Per pietá, deh, ricercate (L’incontro inaspettato)

Antonio Salieri 
Wenn Dem Adler Das Gefieder (Der Rauchfangkehrer)

Antonio Salieri 
La ra la, che filosofo buffon (La grotto del Trofonio)

Stephen Storace 
How Mistaken Is The Lover (The Doctor And The Apothecary)

Antonio Salieri 
Alfin son sola…Sola e mesta fra tormenti (La cifra)

Vicente Martin y Soler 
Sereno raggio (L’arbore di Diana)

Wolfgang Mozart 
Ahi, cosa veggio (insertion to Il burbero di buon core)

Wolfgang Mozart 
No, caro, fa coraggio (insertion to La quaquera spiritosa)



  • "A formidable interpretative talent” (The New Yorker ) with “a voice that is light, rich and flexible” (Opera News ), Ms. Michaels sings the concert and operatic repertoire, and presents four marvelously unique and entertaining dramatic concerts. She is recorded on over two dozen critically acclaimed discs for Cedille, Albany and other labels. Patrice is in demand as a master clinician, and serves as Director of Vocal Studies at The University of Chicago. (full bio)

  • Patrice is composing a song cycle titled The Long View, which will premier at the Second Circuit Bench/Bar meeting in May as the semi-annual special featured event. The subject of the song cycle is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as depicted through the words of a variety of individuals who’ve known this incredible woman in varied ways throughout her eight decades. “Anita’s Story,” released as a single song on the INTERSECTION: Jazz Meets Classical Song CD last year, is included in this musical tribute, which will be sung by Patrice at the premier, collaborating with pianist Kuang-Hao Huang.

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